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Meet Our Staff

  • Two to four staff will run camp each day.

  • Staff are experienced in child development and with special needs, First Aid/CPR certified, and have cleared background checks.

  • In order to provide your child the highest quality of care, staff are provided training and mentoring in developmental, play-based approaches and techniques prior to, and throughout, camp.

  • Volunteers are encouraged to join us, and benefit from learning the latest science supported tools while getting to share in this uniquely fun, collaborative, imaginative experience.

  • All staff and volunteers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Audra Olazabal, PhD

PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology. Autism educator & advocate. Expertise in emotion regulation, engagement & reasoning / problem solving. Research & innovation enthusiast. Mother to autistic twin 5yo boys.


Plaedo Wellman

A philosopher of play, an educator with over a decade of experience working with youth in the classroom and at summer camps. His style emphasizes utilizing social emotional learning, interactive games and activities to create a fun, enriching, educational experience for children.

Jeremy Spafford

Developmental Play Partner. Graphic Design Artist. Environmental Educator/Organic Gardener. Community Organizer/Volunteer. Certified Emergency Medical Technician.

"My favorite and most meaningful thing to do with others is to find out where their heart resides, and then help them get there."

Come Work With Us

We're searching for a playful, creative and responsible staff member to join our team. If you or someone you know would be great fit, let us know below. Job Description

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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